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still looking for the je ne sais quoi

You’ve tried everything!

You played by the rules(well, kind of). You tried to fit in, be like the cool people. You did the vegan bacon, the baby goat yoga, the color-coded sock drawers, and the one hundred affirmations in front of your bathroom mirror.


 Why isn’t it working?

Why isn’t anything working? And what the heck is je ne sais quoi? Why do you still feel the feels and do the deeds that lead you right back where you started? You looked everywhere. You read the books, took the courses, listened to the gurus, and here you are, still looking for someone to give you the key to happiness. Hold on…What if you got the key, but you’re trying to open the door to someone else’s house? Makes sense! If you open the door to your house you’ll meet the Dragon you’ve tried to hide from all your life.

Who owns your happiness?

You can be coached for success; Override your fear, be consistent, and you’ll achieve X&Y. Ride to the sunset- rich, famous and fricking fabulous. Post it on Instagram and bask in the jealousy of others. That’s one way to do it.


Coach your dragon!

Asking yourself why do you want the things you want is a dangerous question. It’ll make you face your dragon. The dragon is all of those ugly feelings you’re avoiding. The good feelings you’re not allowed to feel. It’s messy and somewhat dangerous, but so worth it. 


everybody’s building 

A House of Cards

I was always looking for the truth. I seeked out the lamas, gurus, coaches, and philosophies. I listened, studied, and practiced. I took care of my body and mind the best I could. I served people. 

I succeeded in building what I imagined a perfect life looked like. Surely it was a proof of me being a good person.


and then it happened  

Wild is the Wind

Imagine this; The carefully constructed house of cards flat on the table, me going nooooo…. Be careful for what you wish for they say; the truth finally found me. It said; “I heard you’re looking for me. Whatever you think you’re doing, this ain’t it. This is not your best life. This is a fairytale. Now get real! Go embarrass yourself until you find the life that isn’t a picture someone else painted”. -And so I did.

my Specialty

setting your ass on fire 

Everyone arrives at moments where your illusions break. No guru, lama, priest, therapist, coach, friend, parent, or magic unicorn, can save you from pain. But they can give you tools to get through it faster.



here’s what I’ve got

It’s yours if you want it!  

Coaching – when you want to work one on one with me to figure out your wildest dreams and best strategies to get there.

Ki Coaching – combines bodywork techniques with coaching. Working on the body-mind connection untangles things that are holding you back. Austin area only.

Nine Star Ki – Plan your future using one of the oldest time management systems. It worked in ancient times and it works now.



Finding the right strategy for your personality and energetic make-up..


Emotions are like dragons. If suppress them, they’ll burn down your house. If you befriend them, you’ll be invincible.


 The most powerful ideas are born from the energy of interaction with inspiring people. 


Your dreams are not too big, small or stupid. Dreams exist for us to learn about ourselves while pursuing them.


“I got to a point in my business where I knew what I should be doing, but I didn’t understand why I am stuck still and not able to move forward mentally. During our weekly calls, I got to do very deep work on my emotions, issues, and dreams, and I finally understood that my problems root way deep in the limiting beliefs that I was passed along by my family, friends, and those I hold onto still. Nina’s way of approach helped me understand how these beliefs affect me until today and how they keep me blocked subconsciously every day. She shared her own experiences and created a vibe where I could feel safe and supported. Her honest and warm insights allowed me to open up and talk freely about topics I was always afraid to share before. When I got the chance to apply to a mastermind of a well-known entrepreneur I decided to refuse it because I knew that I won’t get this private and special attention there.”

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