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Reach your potential 


Funny how much effort we put into being something even when it feels off. That’s because our brains are hardwired for fitting in with our clan, be that our family, friends, colleagues, or some Instagram randos. Our survival demands us to appear a certain way. You look the part, but do you feel the part? We’re not even aware that we’re all buying into some clever marketer’s story of happiness, instead of exploring our own ideas. Your way of happiness might not even be invented yet!!!  



Overriding the fear of death (dramatic!? Yeah, I know, but true, nevertheless) isn’t a small inconvenience. When you start something that is beyond what’s expected, you take the risk of being criticized, abandoned, or ridiculed. 

And yet the voice inside our head is getting louder every day. Your people aren’t supportive at all…

…. they think your hobby is cute, but it’ll never bring you an income. You know it will, just not how!

….they don’t understand your obsession with working(on that thing) instead of “having fun”. Your fun is a different animal! 

….They say you’re just not cut out for something so “different “, difficult”, ” fill in……….”.


You listened to those voices long enough. Did it take you where you want to be? You don’t have time for everyone’s nonsense anymore. You’ve got dragons to face, work to do, and ideas to crack. 



Yeah, not really. That’s why we need others to inspire us to take one step after another when we’re in doubt. To listen and ask questions when we hit a snag. To give us new angles and ways to tackle problems. To help us clarify our dreams, mindset, and strategies. In the end, it’s up to you if you can do it. But it’s easier with someone who gets you.

 There are a lot of snakes out there who’ll feed people’s dreams and delusions just to take their money. I don’t trust anyone whose knees never bled. Who’s never made mistakes. Who’s too shiny and smooth. Honesty is rare. Because it affects sales. I understand, it’s just business, but yeah, not interesting to me. Don’t get me wrong. I love making money and I want you to make lots of it as well. But I’m not a fricking magician. I can’t make it happen for you. Nobody manifests things from thin air. Sometimes you’re lucky, but mostly you have to work to achieve the results you’re after. 




We’re using the classic approach of asking you questions that leads you to your answers. Sounds plain, but it never is. It’s a bloody battleground. 


It’s easier to start a business if you have someone who’s done it in your court.


Business coaching and a website.


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 I so appreciated your view on planning, it was mind changing, I’ve always struggled and felt overwhelmed when thinking of planning. I now see it as a supportive tool that keeps me focused on myself, and makes me feel nurtured and safer .”

Nadia Maria Nacca, Artist, Researcher