well, hello

HERE you Are

Curious, just like me 

looks might DECEIVE 

Not my first Rodeo.

Hi, my name is Nina Widell. In 1990 I founded a small day spa in the center of Helsinki. I must’ve done something right, because in a few years, we grew an amazing clientele. Everything from Supreme Court judges to Idols winners (Finnish Idols). From parliament members to celebs, actors, ya know, all that name drop fluff.

….. and then I gave it up.

In 2016 I left what used to be my life and moved to the USA. Going from someone who worked with diplomats and ballerinas to an extraterrestrial nobody from planet Finland isn’t something a sensible person would do. To tell you the truth sensible wasn’t an option at the time. I was heartbroken, disillusioned and very very tired. I wanted to run away from everything and everyone. At least Texas had sunshine year round. If everything else bums, at least it’ll be sunny! That was the story that kept me focused. Was it easy? Omg no! Was it scary? Terrifying! Did I have to make sacrifices? Of course! Did I make mistakes? So many! Was it worth it? Hell yes!

There’s a lot of space in Texas. Maybe that’s what made me look at everything with fresh eyes. I started to think completely new thoughts. I understood what is important- important to me! Mostly I think it made me a lot less of a name dropper.

how i got here

The story behind the story

My Background

In my twenties I co-founed a graphic design business. That was my unofficial business school. 

My thirties and forties was a whirlwind of Cosmetology School, training for a Shiatsu Therapist Certification, raising children, working with clients, traveling the globe, and running a high-end service business.


Most of us tell stories to ourselves. I’ve spent a portion of my life decoding mine. When your story changes, your life changes. When you understand your emotions, you stop living someone else’s script.

Becoming a certified life coach was a natural succession to everything I’ve learned and experienced.

so Little time so many things 

My interests and projects

My curious nature has gotten me in trouble and taken me places. I’ve bicycled through Europe, lived on a barge in France, and had 5 o’clock tea with a Bhutanese Princess. 

Here are some personality traits and habits I’m currently working on:

  • Courage by facing my fears and trying new things.
  • Humility by owning my mistakes. 
  • Confidence by becoming good at things.
  • Productivity by working on my time management.

Apart from working, I love chilling at home with my husband who shakes his head at things; the dying grass, the loud neighbors, the dog, me, mostly me.

I love solitude. I take long walks and look at things; you know, like trees.


I’m thankful to my Dharma teachers who taught me about compassion, wisdom, and fearlessness. Concepts like karma (cause and effect), reincarnation(death and rebirth), and mindfulness, have had a huge influence on me.

Nine star ki

I like Nine Star ki aka Feng Shui astrology so much that I made a website about it.



Besides my blogs, I’ve written poetry and short stories. My darkest, deepest drawer is enjoying those works immensely. I’m planning on publishing some of my poems this year.


I’ve been sitting on an almost done children’s book for a couple of decades. Yeah, I know…. Finalizing things is not my forte. It’s on my todo list for next year.


 It’s a classic love hate relationship. I love making websites and then I hate them. So, I make another.