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hi there

Nice to meet you.

My name is Nina Widell. In 2000 I founded a small day spa in the center of Helsinki. I must’ve done something right, because in a few years, we grew an amazing clientele. Everything from working Moms to Idol winners (Finnish Idol). From University students to Parliament members. We were loved, that’s for sure.

….. and then I gave it up.

In 2016 I left Helsinki and moved to the US. Going from someone who worked with diplomats and ballerinas to an extraterrestrial nobody from planet Finland, isn’t something a sensible person would do. To tell you the truth, sensible didn’t seem like a great option anymore. I was very very very tired, I had run this ship for 16 years. It was time! I packed two suitcases and moved to Texas to see how my long-distance relationship of 5 years would work out with us living under the same roof. I told myself that if everything else fails, at least it’ll be sunny.

There’s a lot of space in Texas. Maybe that’s what made me look at life differently. I started to think new thoughts, changed my opinions on a few things. I figured that I don’t need a lot of the things that I thought made me, how should I put it… important. Not that anyone is unimportant, including myself. We’re all here to do something meaningful. As I got new thoughts I also reorganized my priorities.

how i got here

The story behind the story

My Background

In my twenties I co-founed a graphic design business. That was my unofficial business school / graphic design apprenticeship. I worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for a decade.

My thirties and forties were a whirlwind of getting through vocational college to get licensed in beauty and wellness, training for a Shiatsu Therapist Certification, raising children, working with clients, traveling the globe, and running a high-end service business.


Most of us tell stories to ourselves. I’ve spent the last 10 years decoding mine. When your story changes, your life changes. When you accept your emotions, you stop living someone else’s script.

In 2013 I was certificated as a life coach. Working as a wellness coach is a natural succession to everything I’ve learned. It’s a privileged position to hold space for others. You have to be humbled enough to be solid. Solid enough to be present. I know I am.

every step i take  

Brings me further… and closer

My curious nature has gotten me in trouble and taken me places. I’ve bicycled through Europe, lived on a barge in France, and had 5 o’clock tea with a Bhutanese Princess.

Yeah, I know that’s interesting and all, but how’s it translating into being a great life coach?

I think the word is trouble. I’ve gotten myself into all kinds of difficulties. I’ve found a way to deal and mend those situations. Often with the help of great teachers and mentors. Sometimes on my own.

I don’t know everything, but I’ve figured out something. 



Nobody likes being depressed or anxious. But once you start treating your feelings as benevolent messengers, instead of a hostile takeover, you’ll get through the low states much quicker. 


My body is my vehicle. I need it to work well, take me places, and feel good. It’s like most things; use it or lose it. Functionality equals beauty. It’s the little things that’ll promote our health; Epsom salt baths, morning sun, a beautiful meal, laughter. I like taking long walks and look at things; you know, like trees.


There’s a battle between comfort and creation. I love creating, but I also love watching stupid (reality) TV and stuffing my face with too much ice cream. After a day a dull kind of bad takes over and I’ll go back to doing something hard.