find your people


Come as you are.  Tell your story.  Find your greatness. Learn new skills.  Share resources.  Make friends.  Feel supported.  Get inspired.  Level up.

Some masterminds are intimidating. You know that feeling when you’re invited to a party at a new friend’s house and you’re not sure about the people there? Are they all going to be Guccied out and perfect? Will they see all of my flaws before I’ve even had the chance to don the bottle of roséThe imposter syndrome is one scary monster. It stops creatives from creating and stars from shining. 

We’re perfectly imperfect! 

You can wear Gucci or you can wear a stinky t-shirt from the laundry basket (we’re online, nobody can smell it 😄). We’re not competitors, we’re wonderfully unique co-creators.

For most people it’s easier to open up in a small group. That’s why we’ll divide the core group into smaller units when appropriate. We’ll touch on topics that’ll make you think differently and experience a deep transformation. You’ll get support and get inspired to take action.


Limited to 6 people | Inspiration | Support | Friendship | Resources | Accountability | monthly 1/1 coaching | Expert Guests.



I understood many aspects of myself. I’m organizing my future steps based on what I learned. Everybody! We all need to know ourselves better. Thank you so much for your patience.

Liz Eschliman | Creator of Rose Light Energy