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Fast Candy

by Thinking Space

All of us have power. It’s in our personality, our gifts and talents, our voice, and how we use our time. We’re not always aware of this. Every time you interact with another person you’re using your power in some way.

You can use your power to shame people who aren’t aware of our personal hell, your suffering, and important causes. You can try to guilt them, or throw outrage at them until they feel just as scared, angry, or envious as you. Congratulations! – if you’re that virtuous person. Congrats, for making the world just a little bit more awful.


You can use your gifts, talents and voice to uplift, help, and encourage people. You can give others some of yours when they are down. You can teach them things you found useful. You can lead by example.

In a free society you have a choice. With free, I mean a society where your “wrong” thoughts don’t land you in jail. Before you blame someone else, take a look at your thinking. What makes you so convinced you’re right? I need a lot of facts before I’m ready to take side on an issue I’m not familiar with. Maybe that’s just an age thing. I used to be pretty gun ho about things when I was younger.

Mindset work isn’t about becoming perfect. It isn’t about convincing yourself that anybody that doesn’t see your wonderfulness are somehow wrong. Ugh – no! You don’t need to be admired to be happy. You don’t need to be virtuous to be a good person. You don’t even need to be right. Realizing that you aren’t always right is part of the process.

All you need is to be you. However, that’s not always easy to define. And that’s what mindset work is all about. How to find your way back to your authentic self. It’s not fast candy for the wicked.