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The Introvert Manual

by Thinking Space

It’s not always easy to be in a relationship with an introvert. They can seem self-contained as if they don’t need anyone. That’s not true. All of us are social animals and dependent on each other, but for the introvert, the search for happiness is turning inwards more than outwards.

Introverts don’t necessarily need encouraging words or pats on their backs to stay productive. What they need is room to breathe. No unsolicited advice, no constructive criticism, no kicking ass just to help. In the name of fellow introverts; “I love you, now give me some space”.

Many people equate introverts to shy people. Not so! An introvert might be shy, but not necessary. He or she can also be outgoing, fun, talkative, etc. The introversion is more of an energy management issue. It’s as if they are carrying an internal charger that gets depleted as they give their energy to others.

The re-charging happens when they’re on their own. This is where insights, creative solutions, original ideas are born. Once they’re re-charged, they’ll come out to the world and holler; Hey, people I’ve got all this happiness, want some? I know a place where to get more, so no worries, come, I’ll share.